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Video Marketing

Video Marketing Services

Have a look at what advantages video marketing brings to your business:

Do you know that 500 million people watch videos on Facebook daily, and 10 million people watch them on Snapchat?

It is no surprise why people prefer consuming videos... Video content is the easiest to understand.

Now those days are gone when written content and images based posts were enough to attract viewers. Videos drive more consumer engagement than mere text or image-based posts. Their role in the modern business landscape is more pronounced than ever. Businesses now understand the power of video marketing and its imperativeness to growth.

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What Stats Say?

Stats related to video marketing convince us that there is no marketing without videos. Consumers expect to watch videos and make decisions. In this sense, video marketing is just going to get bigger in the future.

  • Video at landing page can drastically improve your conversion rate up to 80% 

  • According to Google research, 6 out of 10 people prefer watching online videos than television

  • According to Insivia, the chances of the website reaching the front page are 53% more  with videos

  • YouTube users daily view more than 1 billion hours of videos on the platform

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have added video first features like stories, live, and broadcasting just to meet the growing demand.

  • Hubspot found that 72% of customers learn about a service or product by watching the video, and 50% of internet users look for the videos on the product or service before visiting their store.

  • Mention of the mere word" video" in the email subject line increase the open rates up to 19%

  • Hubspot found that 78% of people watch video online every week, and 54% watch videos every day

Make Great Videos and Enjoy the Perks

Enjoy the following perks with powerful video marketing.

Connects with Your Audience

Videos act as a link between you and your audience and help develop trust. Through videos, your audience gets the opportunity to know your brand.

SEO Gold Mine

Your video content is no less than a gold mine to build backlinks, drive traffic to your page, and increase likes and shares.

Boosts Conversion Rates

Video demonstration of a product increases the conversion rates up to 57% by increasing the chances of customers buying the product.

Easy Access to Videos

You have YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, TikTok, and many other social media platforms for sharing your videos. So, you just need to post your videos on these platforms to connect with your audience.

Video Is Appealing and Engaging

To stay ahead of the competition, video is a top priority in marketing tactics. That's because of its appeal to human emotions through music. Video gives a face to concepts, thus creating a long-lasting and highly engaging influence on the human brain.

Video Reduces the Ad Spend

Video marketing is a cost-effective way to advertise your product without heavy ad expenditure. By just spending a few cents per view, you can gain the interests of the highly targeted audience.

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What Services Do We Offer?

Video marketing itself is a broad niche and doesn't only refer to just making videos. It involves a range of services that include making a plan about video creation to executing the plan. Our video marketing services include,

Proficient Video Script Copywriting

To engage the viewers, video content must be concise, creative, and natural. We have highly intelligent video scriptwriters to deliver compelling videos to win your digital audience.

Video SEO

Video content is useless without SEO. Our SEO experts optimize the videos for youtube, ebsites, and other social media handles to increase the conversion rate and build links.

On-Site Shoots, Consultation, Designing, Planning

Our expert videographers, designers, producers, and directors work on planning, designing, and filming your brand's main concept and on-site video shots with a personalized touch.

Explainer videos

Our explainer video service helps you promote your business and make a ground for future accomplishments.

Video Photography

From on-site shoots to amazon product photography and staff photos, our photographers add life to your story.

In Studio High-Quality Video Production

Whether it is amazon product photography or product video, news update, web demo, or video testimonial, we make high-quality videos in our full-service studios for powerful impact.

Animation services

Motion graphic designers convert complex ideas into 2D and 3D animated formats.

Video Editing

Post productions manipulate and rearrange the content and combine all pieces of the story in the
nicest form.

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​​Join the Train and Let Your Business Make
Its Mark

Video marketing entered the market in 2010. Within four years, it was accessible for even smaller businesses. Today, one can make a high-quality video online within 15 minutes without even needing a high budget or creative skills. It is a versatile tool within reach of every business of any size. Since the competition is intense in the digital market, even if you never created videos before, start creating now.

Video Marketing Is a New Strategy

When business growth relies on search engine website rankings, video marketing becomes an imperative strategy to employ. Creating videos that engage the audience, retain them on your page and increase the social sharing ranks is a must.

Following steps are always crucial to successful strategy

● Setting up video goals
● Targeting your audience
● Deciding on what you have to share
● Keeping it creative and engaging
● Sticking to your timeline
● Keeping a realistic budget

Too lazy to build up your strategy and look for a proven video advertising agency?

Filming a Video

Too lazy to build up your strategy and look for a proven video advertising agency?

If you haven’t stepped aboard on video marketing yet, try it with us. No doubt, video marketing is a dominant player of present and future business, and no business can make its mark without it.

We are here to provide low-cost video marketing services and make your videos attractive and easy to digest. As a video advertising agency, we have always prioritized our customers and worked hard to make your marketing plan successful. We provide product photography services, video advertising services, video editing, on-site shoots, video script copywriting, consultation, designing, and planning of social media and website product videos.

If you have some video clips you want to make worthy of being incorporated into your marketing strategy or need a physical location for the video shoot, contact us now.

You can contact us at ……………….. to learn about all the video marketing packages.

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