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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Despite rapidly developing marketing techniques and the growing popularity of Ads on social media and digital platforms, email marketing is still alive and provides very profitable results.

According to the DMA email marketing tracker report, you can expect a return on investment (ROI) of $51 for every $1 spent. Besides, the average email open rate is 22.15%, and the average click-through rate (CTR) is 3.43%. Therefore, more than 89% of marketers use email marketing as a primary channel for lead generation.

Email Marketing is very effective for building relationships and generating leads. It is the best way to interact with your current and previous customers as you can speak directly to them in the inbox. Besides, it is a very easy, inexpensive, and efficient marketing technique. Therefore, you must include emails in your marketing strategy in 2021.

Email marketing isn’t complex, and you can handle it yourself. However, it is always best if you hire professional services, as they know the complexities well and provide you effective results for your investments.

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Importance of Email Marketing

As digital marketing strategies are evolving every day, some people ask the question, ‘Is Email Marketing still important in 2021?’

The answer is yes. The reason is that it allows you to reach your targeted audience effectively and increase your sales at very affordable prices. It doesn’t matter how groomed digital media is today; email marketing is still the best way to directly access your audience.

Let us see the importance of email marketing in 2021 now!

Email Drive Traffic to Your Website

Emails are very effective for driving traffic to your website. You embed a call to action (CTA) link in the email to persuade readers to go to the website and take different actions like
downloading the page, making a purchase, or other things. In short, email marketing is the most effective way for lead generation.

Increase your Sales

Email marketing is very influential in increasing sales. For example, if someone carts a product in your store and doesn’t buy it, you can remind them via emails. Instead, you can offer them special discounts in email to boost their interest. Apart from that, you can retarget your previous customers with your new products via email. If someone likes your product once, there is a huge probability that he/she will love your products later on.

Email Marketing is Affordable

Email marketing is very affordable and provides you very beneficial results in the minimum time. As we have already discussed that, you’ll get $51 ROI with $1 investments on emails. If you want to target a very small audience, you can use Mailchimp that offers 12000 mails free every month. Likewise, SendGrid costs $0.0006 per email, which is very affordable.

Email Marketing Drives Conversions

Email marketing is very beneficial when it comes to delivering your message to the desired audience. And there are 45% more chances that the targeted audience will see your message on emails as compared to Facebook. The cherry to the apple is that people see emails in their free time that further increases the chances of conversions. Therefore, 4.24% of visitors coming from emails buy anything. In comparison, only 2.49% of visitors from SEO and 0.59% of visitors from social media convert to stores.

Emails Improve the Brand Awareness

As you can efficiently deliver your message to the targeted audience in email marketing. Therefore, it offers great help in improving the customers’ understanding of the brand. Your audience would have a better grasp of what you are offering. As customer awareness grows about your brand, it will be easier for them to advocate for your company.


Statistics About Email Marketing

Now, you are fully aware of the importance of email marketing in this digital world. Don’t you?
Let us see a few interesting facts to stimulate your interest in email marketing further!

  • Almost 244.5 million users use email nowadays, and these numbers are increasing every year.

  • 61% of the customers prefer to contact by brands via emails.

  • 59% of the consumers say that email marketing influences their purchase decision.

  • According to the email Monday, 49% of the businesses use some type of email automation for targeting people.

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing is the smartest investment in today’s world to grow your business. Our company will help you speed up your sales process via email marketing campaigns. We are experts in all aspects of email marketing. We will provide you with the best results with our experience and knowledge in the field.

Let us see our email marketing services now!

Email Marketing Strategy

We help our customers build an effective email marketing strategy for their business. Our company considers your demands, identifies your competitors, thoroughly researches your industry, finds your audience and considers all the other factors in designing a successful email marketing strategy.

Email Campaign Management

If you don’t have time and resources to manage your email campaigns, let us do it for you. Our email campaign experts will handle all your campaigns and help you achieve the desired results. Besides, we can also help you plan and deploy automated emails for your ease.

Mobile Responsive Emails

According to the report, 62% of people open emails on their mobile phones, and 50% of them delete the email if your email isn’t mobile responsive. Therefore, we always provide responsive email templates that look great on both mobile phones and PC.

Email Templates

Whenever it comes to marketing, your email template is the most critical factor. If your template is not attractive and structured, you won’t get enough conversions. Therefore, we help clients in preparing effective email templates. Contact us if you want templates for Welcome email, ‘Something Left Behind’ emails, and Promotional emails now!

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Bottom Line

Email Marketing is the most important marketing technique to deliver your message effectively to the readers. Furthermore, it has a vast audience and a very high conversion rate. Therefore, you must include email marketing in your business strategy nowadays. You can go above and check the importance of email marketing and its services now!

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